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Donating Your Unwanted Tools

Our tool inventory is built on community donations, and we appreciate you thinking of us when you have tools to donate!


Please remember, however, that with limited space we just cannot accept all tools.  Before heading on over with the entire contents of your garage or basement, please read the following guidelines for acceptable donations. 

We'd Love to Have...
  • Power tools in good working order

  • Hand tools in good working order

  • Automotive repair tools

  • Gardening tools

We can't take...
  • gas-powered tools

  • badly broken tools or tools that do not work

  • consumables (nails, screws, wood, etc.)

Not sure which category?

If you have something to donate that isn't in either of the previous lists, shoot us an email which includes a description of the item, an assessment of it's condition and if possible, a photo and we'll let you know if we can take it or direct you to someone who can!

Support Equitable Access in your Communi
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