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COVID-19 Safety

At the moment we are working hard to make sure that when we are open it is with optimal safety practices in place so that you can have access to the tools you need without risking your health or the health of your community.  As we figure out our new normal, we ask both for your patience and your commitment to join us in doing everything we can to remain a safe place for members, staff and volunteers. 


Here are the measures we will be taking to ensure a safe environment:


  1. Only one staff member or volunteer will be in the tool library during opening hours.

  2. Surfaces will be disinfected at open and close, with high-touch surfaces being disinfected more often.

  3. All tools will be thoroughly disinfected when they are returned and will not be available for check-out until the next day we are open. 

  4. We will provide all staff and volunteers with PPE, soap and hand-sanitizer and ensure everyone is trained in the safe/proper use of these products. 

  5. We will be posting clear signage to ensure everyone is aware of safe practices.


Here is what we will be asking from you:


  1. Please do not come to pick-up or drop off a tool if you are feeling ill, if you are self-isolating, or if you think you have been exposed to Covid19.  

  2. Please make your reservation online before coming to pick up your tool(s). If you come to the tool library without reserving your tools first we may not be able to provide what you are looking for. Unsure how to reserve your tools? Check out this how-to video

  3. We are asking members to pay late charges/membership renewals online so that we can avoid handing of cards/terminals or cash.

  4. When returning tools, please make every effort to clean them first, preferably disinfecting the handles, switches, and other high-touch areas.  This added safety measure will help keep our volunteers safe while they are working in the library. 

  5. We ask that you make every effort to return tools on time as we are running on a reservations-only system. 

As the situation progresses, we will be sure to keep our valued members updated via newsletter, website and social media.  Please stay tuned, stay connected, and stay safe!

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